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...It seems its always the crazy times...

So sorry, you don't own me.

What day is it? This clock never seemed so alive.
2 April
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My first true love was the beach.
If I could have my way, I would
travel for the rest of my days.
And it seems its always the crazy times.

"We just sat down on the floor and snorted lines of coke off a cd case, gulped down a bottle of wine then used it to play spin the bottle. They kissed each other first, then they both kissed me, and then we forgot about the bottle...
Two kisses in one kiss was all it took, a comfort, a warmth, perhaps temporary, perhaps false, but reassuring nonetheless, and mine, and theirs, ours, all three of us giggling, insane giggles and laughter with still more kisses on the way, and I remember a brief instant then, out of the blue, when I suddenly glimpsed my own father...And so I renewed my kisses with even greater enthusiasm, caressing and in turn devouring their dark lips...until there were too many kisses to count or remember and the memory of love proved not love at all and needed a replacement,which our bodies found, and then the giggles subsided, and the laughter dimmed, and darkness enfolded all of us and we gave away our childhood for nothing and we died and condoms littered the floor and Christina threw up in the sink and Amber chuckled a little and kissed me a little more, but in a way that told me it was time to leave."

- Mark Z. Danielewski "House of Leaves"

The Dream of Evan and Chan - DNTel
It was familiar to me
the smoke too thick to breathe
the tile floors glistened
i slowly stirred my drink
and when you started to sing
you spoke with broken speech
that i could not understand
and then you grabbed me tightly

i wont let go
i wont let go
even if you say so
oh no
i've tried and tried with no results
i wont let go
i wont let go

he then played every song from 1993
the crowd applauded as he curtsied bashfully
your eyelashes tickled my neck
with every nervous blink
and it was perfect
until the telephone started
ringing ringing ringing ringing ringing off.